Foreign trips & exchanges


W dniach 9-16 października 33-osobowa grupa uczniów naszej szkoły wraz z paniami Katarzyną Hilbrycht, Wiolettą Koc i Katarzyną Żakowską przebywała na kolejnej wymianie w Groningen (Holandia). Z tamtejszym Gomarus College Magnolia już od 4 lat prowadzimy regularne wymiany głównie dzięki bardzo dobrej współpracy dyrekcji i nauczycieli obydwu szkół, ale przede wszystkim dzięki świetnej atmosferze, jaką stwarzają każdorazowo uczestnicy z obydwu krajów.

Program naszego tygodniowego pobytu był bardzo bogaty. Był to tydzień pełen wspaniałych wrażeń, nowych znajomości, pokonywania barier językowych i świetnej zabawy.

Czekamy na rewizytę naszych holenderskich przyjaciół w Gdańsku, która nastąpi 23 maja.

Our school organizes an annual trip to London and has a tradition of foreign exchanges, both are very popular with our students. We visit other countries in order to get to know their language, history and culture. Our trips are always amazing experiences. Foreign students who visit our school have their time packed with interesting trips organised by our teachers.

In the previous years our students visited and hosted students from Denmark, Germany (Potsdam) and The Netherlands (Groningen). All of these trips proved to be hugely successful and the cooperation with the partner schools continues.

Here is how one of the exchange students reminisces about last year's visit of the Dutch group:

Between 26th September and 3rd October students from Gomarus College Magnolia in Groningen visited our school.

On Monday, the Dutch arrived by plane with three teachers at the Gdańsk Airport, where the hosting families welcomed them and took them home. Then everyone had a chance to get to know his new friend better. In the evening, we all went for a bonfire, where we had a lot of fun and we made first friends.

Next day, we welcomed our guests officially on the school’s auditorium, showed them our school, and watched the artistic performance of one of our friends. After  that, we had a lesson about the Netherlands and they had a short course of Polish. Then, they had some show lessons, at which they learnt what education in our country looks like. In the end, we took part in sport games on the football pitch. After all the events, planned by the teachers for this day, we took our friends home. In the evening, some of us went together to see the centre of the city by night.

On Wednesday we had our first trip in the group of all people. We went to the centre of Gdańsk and we saw the landmarks and we took part in the city game, prepared for us in English. Then we used our free time. We came back to Osowa at about 5 o’clock.

On Thursday, we all went to Gdynia, where we had a little bit of free time waiting for a ship to Hel. After two hours of cruise, we reached our goal and went to the Seal Sanctuary, where we had a chance to see seals. After a short visit, we all went towards Sopot, where we spent next two hours on the main street of the city.

Friday was the day of the trip to Malbork and Westerplatte. First, we visited the Teutonic Order’s castle, we were shown around this place by a guide in English. After a few hours spent inside and a dinner in the castle’s restaurant, we set off to the place, when World War II started. In the late afternoon and the evening, there was a disco party in our school with some food prepared by us and students from Holland.

In the two last days of the exchange, we organized the entertainment for our guests on our own. Many people went to the Aquapark, to Szymbark, to the zoo in Oliwa, to the cliff in Orłowo, to shopping centres, or to the jumpcity. One of our friends invited everybody for a barbecue on Saturday and on Sunday there was a mass in English conducted by Łukasz Wdowczyk, a priest in the church located close to our school.

Finally, we unfortunately had to say goodbye to our new Dutch friends. First, we made it officially on the auditorium, then, more personally, accompanying them to the bus. We remembered the best moments in Poland during the presentation of photos and we gave them some small gifts. I think that for all the people, taking part in this project, the exchange was an awesome and unforgettable experience, both from an educational and social perspective. I, personally, enjoyed myself a lot and I had some great time with my Dutch friend, Robin. We cannot wait to see them again in May!

Zofia Katkowska, II D

group photo